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Stationary Engine Operator, GeneralOperates and services various types of stationary engines and related mechanical equipment such as prime movers to drive machinery (other than generators), compressor units, pumps, refrigeration and ventilation equipment and similar installations. Display Titles


Air Compressor OperatorOperates and services a compressor which generates and supplies compressed air to pneumatic tools, hoists or other equipment. Display Titles


Gas Compressor OperatorOperates steam or internal combustion engines to transmit, compress or recover gases, such as butane, nitrogen, hydrogen and natural gas, in various production processes. Display Titles


Boiler FiremanTends one or more boilers which produce steam for heat or power. Display Titles


Pumping-Station OperatorOperates pumping and siphoning equipment to transfer liquids, gases, semi-liquids and powdered substances from one location to another. Display Titles


Water Treatment Plant Operator (Waterworks)Controls treatment plant equipment to purify and clarify water for human consumption and industrial use. Display Titles


Incinerator Plant OperatorControls equipment to burn garbage and other refuse in incinerator plant. Display Titles


Refrigeration System OperatorOperates a refrigeration system for preserving foods, providing cooling media for industrial processes, cooling buildings or for other purposes. Display Titles


Heating and Ventilation Equipment OperatorControls and services electric motors, fans and other equipment in heating and ventilation systems. Display Titles


Other Stationary Engine and Related Equipment OperatorsThis group includes stationary engine and related equipment operators not elsewhere classified, for example those who operate watersheds by controlling gates and valves in aqueducts and dams to regulate flow of water; operate sewage plant equipment to purify waste water; operate and maintain desilting basin to remove silt from water entering irrigation system; operate a cremation furnace to dispose of human bodies. Display Titles
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