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DockerLoads and unloads ships' cargoes. Display Titles


Loader of ship, truck, wagon or airplaneLoads and unloads ships' cargoes (9-71.20), railway wagons truck and other vehicles (9-71.30), or airplane (9-71.35). Display Titles


Railway and Road Vehicle LoaderLoads and unloads goods, material or equipment carried in railway wagons truck and other vehicles. Display Titles


Aircraft LoaderLoads and unloads aircraft cargoes. Display Titles


Boat Loader (Liquids and Gases)Connects hoses between pipes of main shore installation and tanks of barges, tankers and other ships to load and unload petroleum, liquefied gases and other liquids. Display Titles


Warehouse PorterCarries and stacks goods in warehouse, market or similar establishment. Stock clerks are classified in unit group 3-91. Display Titles


Hand PackerPacks materials or products by hand in cartons, wooden boxes, crates, kegs and other containers for shipment or storage. Display Titles


Packer, Hand or MachinePacks materials or products by hand (9-71.50) or machine (9-71.55). Display Titles


Machine PackerOperates a machine to carry out one or more tasks in wrapping objects or packing articles and liquids in containers for shipment or storage. Display Titles


Machine LabellerOperates a machine which glues labels and revenue stamps on articles and containers. Display Titles


Bale-Press OperatorOperates machine to compress and bind loose materials into bales to facilitate handling. Display Titles


Other Dockers and Freight HandlersThis group includes dockers and freight handers not elsewhere classified, for example those who carry hand baggage at railway stations, airports and piers; pack and load furniture and other household effects into vans and carry these items from vans into living quarters. Display Titles
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