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Hoisting Equipment Rigger, GeneralSets up various types of lifting tackle and directs its use in moving machinery and other heavy objects about factories, shipyards or other locations. Display Titles


Rope and Cable Splicer, GeneralJoins, repairs and fits attachments to wire and hemp ropes and cables by splicing. Display Titles


Hoisting Equipment Rigger (Construction)Sets up lifting cages, mobile platforms and other hoists for raising and lowering materials and workers employed on construction work. Display Titles


Ship RiggerInstalls and repairs ropes, wires and cables on ships. Display Titles


Aircraft RiggerInstalls cable connections between cabin controls of aircraft and ailerons, rudder, fins and other parts. Display Titles


Oil and Gas Well-Drilling RiggerWorks as member of crew in erecting and repairing derricks used for drilling oil and gas wells and installing cables, hoisting and drilling equipment. Display Titles


Suspension Bridge Cable WorkerWorks as member of cable crew to build up, fit and install wire cables in the construction of suspension bridges. Display Titles


Other Riggers and Cable SplicersThis group includes riggers and cable splicers not elsewhere classified, for example those erecting and installing cable systems for overhead cable railways and other aerial ropeways; those performing rigging tasks in connection with logging operations. Display Titles
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