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Crane Driver (Bridge- or Gantry Crane, Jib-Crane, Tower-Crane or Mobile Crane).May perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in 9-7320 to 9-7330 Display Titles


Bridge- or Gantry-Crane OperatorOperates power-driven crane in which lifting gear can be moved along an overhead bridge which moves on rails. Display Titles


Stationary Jib-Crane OperatorOperates a stationary crane equipped with a mobile jib (boom). Display Titles


Tower-Crane OperatorOperates a crane consisting of a turning metal tower which moves on rails, equipped at the top with a mobile jib (boom) or a fixed jib along which a car supporting the hoisting equipment moves. Display Titles


Mobile-Crane OperatorOperates a crane mounted on wheels or crawler tracks which can be moved under its own power in any direction. Operators of excavating, pile-driving and similar machines are classified in unit group 9-74. Display Titles


Hoist Operator (Construction)Operates power-driven hoisting equipment, usually consisting of mobile cage or platform, to raise and lower materials and workers employed on construction work. Display Titles


Hoist Operator (Mine)Operates power-driven equipment to raise and lower mine cages carrying workers and full or empty cars (skips). Display Titles


Mine CagemanGives signals for movement of cage used to raise and lower men, cars and supplies between various levels and surface of mine and loads and unloads cage. Display Titles


Winch OperatorOperates a hauling or lifting device consisting essentially of a cable and winding drum rotated by hand or power unit. Display Titles


Opening-Bridge OperatorOperates controls to open bridge for the passage of water traffic and close bridge for use by road vehicles. Display Titles


Other Crane and Hoist OperatorsThis group includes crane and hoist operators not elsewhere classified, for example those operating cranes mounted on railcars or floating platforms. Display Titles
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