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Excavator, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in 9-74.20 to 9-74.90. Display Titles


Exacavator (Hand Tools)Excavates, grades, levels and compacts earth and similar materials for road, canal, rail and tram construction. Display Titles


Excavating-Machine OperatorOperates a power-driven machine, mounted on wheels or crawler tracks, equipped with movable shovel, grab bucket or dragline bucket to excavate and move earth, rock, sand, gravel and similar material. Display Titles


Trench-Digging-Machine OperatorOperates power-driven machine equipped with an endless bucket-chain to dig trenches for sewer, drainage, water, oil, gas and similar pipelines. Display Titles


Bulldozer OperatorOperates mobile power-driven machine equipped with concave steel blade to move, distribute and level earth. Display Titles


Dredge OperatorOperates various kinds of excavating equipment, mounted on a dredge, to remove sand, gravel and mud from bottom of body of water. Display Titles


Pile-Driver OperatorOperates a power-driven machine equipped with power hammer or drop-hammer to drive wooden, concrete or steel piles into dry ground or bottom of body of water. Display Titles


Road-Grader and Scraper OperatorOperates a tractor-drawn or elf-propelled scraper or scoop to level ground for construction of buildings, roadways, airport runways and other purposes. Display Titles


Road-Roller OperatorOperates power-driven roller to compact and smooth layers of material such as rock, gravel, earth, concrete and asphalt to construct roads, pavements and runways and for other purposes. Display Titles


Concrete Paving-Machine OperatorOperates a mobile paving machine to spread and smooth freshly poured concrete surfaces for concrete roadways under construction. Display Titles


Tar-Spreading Machine OperatorOperates a tractor-drawn or self-propelled machine to spread bituminous or tar preparations on road surfaces. Display Titles


Concrete-Mixer OperatorOperates a transportable machine which mixes sand, gravel, cement and water to make concrete on construction site. Display Titles


Concrete-Mixing-Plant OperatorOperates central concrete mixing plant to prepare batches of concrete according to orders. Display Titles


Other Earth-Moving and Related Machinery OperatorsThis group includes earth-moving and other related machinery operators not elsewhere classified, for example those who operate machines to bore holes for posts or poles. Display Titles
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