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Material Handling Equipment Operators Not Elsewhere Classified, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 9-79. Display Titles


Lifting-Truck OperatorOperates power-driven truck equipped with fork lift or lifting platform to pick up, transport and raise or mechanically stack bales, crates, cartons and similar objects in warehouse, storeroom, factory or other establishment. Display Titles


Dumper DriverOperates motorised tip-wagon (dump truck, not intended for transport by road) to transfer bulk materials such as earth, gravel, stone and minerals from one location to another on a construction site, mining area or dumping site. Display Titles


Shuttle-Car Operator (Mine)Operates self-propelled truck (shuttle-car) to transport minerals from working face in mine to conveyor or rail car (skip) loading chute. Display Titles


Timber-Carrier DriverDrives a straddle truck to carry, beneath its elevated frame, logs, sawn timber or similar loads for short distances, usually within a timber yard, sawmill or other industrial establishment. Display Titles


Other Material Handling Equipment OperatorsThis group includes material handling operators not elsewhere classified, for example those who operate elevating, endless-belt, bucket, and chain conveyors, aerial ropeways and similar equipment. Display Titles
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