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Motor Vehicle Driver, Specialisation UnknownMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit group 9-85. Display Titles


Tram DriverDrives street railway car transporting passengers. Display Titles


Taxi DriverDrives motor car or three-wheeled motorised vehicle to transport passengers on demand at a charge usually based on a fixed tariff. Display Titles


Motor Bus DriverDrives single- or double-deckered motor bus over fixed or predetermined route to transport local or long-distance passengers. Display Titles


Lorry and Van Driver (Local Transport)Drives a motor truck to transport materials, merchandise, equipment, etc. to and from specified destinations over short distances (excluding roundsmen). Display Titles


Lorry and Van Driver (Local or Long-Distance Transport)Drives a motor truck to transport goods or liquids over short (9-85.50) or long (9-85.60) distances. Display Titles


Lorry and Van Driver (Long-Distance Transport)Drives heavy motor truck, with or without trailer, to transport goods or liquids over long distances. Display Titles


Motor-CyclistDrives motor-cycle or motorised tricycle equipped to transport goods. Display Titles


Other Motor-Vehicle DriversThis group includes motor vehicle-drivers not elsewhere classified, for example private chauffeurs, hire-car drivers, drivers of cars attached to a governmental or other organisation=s car pool, drivers delivering new motor vehicles from factory to ports, sales depots or other places, drivers of ambulances and motor-car driving instructors. Display Titles
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