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Dockmaster, Dry-DockSupervises and co-ordinates activities of workers engaged in dry-docking vessels for cleaning, painting and repair. Display Titles


Lock Operator (Canal or Port)Opens and closes lock gates to permit the passage of water-borne craft. Opening-bridge operator is classified in 9-73.55. Display Titles


Lighthouse-ManOperates warning light and signal apparatus of lighthouse or lightship. Display Titles


Pedal-Vehicle DriverPropels cycle equipped to transport passengers or goods. Display Titles


Other Transport Equipment OperatorsThis group includes transport equipment operators not elsewhere classified, for example those who attend to gates, sluices and pumping machinery connected with the dry-docking of vessels, pull rickshaws to transport passengers, or handcarts to transport goods by road, open and close gates to railway level-crossings. Display Titles
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