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Worker, No Further InformationMay perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities listed in unit group 9-99, but is described only by the single term >worker=. Display Titles


LabourerPerforms lifting, carrying, stacking, shovelling, digging, cleaning and similar tasks by hand, using simple labouring tools such as pick, shovel, wheelbarrow and street broom where necessary. Display Titles


Day-LabourerPerforms the same range of tasks, using the same types of tools as a labourer (9-99.10), but is specifically hired and paid by the day. Display Titles


Factory WorkerPerforms unspecified tasks in a factory. This code is used where no product is mentioned, or where there is uncertainty as to whether the individual so described was actually involved in making the factory=s products rather than performing cleaning or maintenance work within the factory environment. Display Titles
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