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Number NameDescription (tasks and duties) Minor Groups
11AccountantsWorkers in this minor group plan and direct accounting services, advise on accountancy problems, and plan and conduct financial audits.
12JuristsWorkers in this minor group plead cases or conduct prosecutions in courts of justice, preside over judicial proceedings and pronounce judgements, give advice on legal matters, draw up legal documents, draft legislation and perform other legal functions.
13TeachersWorkers in this minor group conduct classes and give private lessons to instruct students at the third, second, first or pre-primary level, educate handicapped persons, undertake research and advise on teaching methods and instructional aids, organise and direct teaching activities in schools, and perform related tasks.In some countries, a stratified system of educational levels is a relatively recent development. In the case of English elementary schools, for example, Teachers might be coded to unit group 1-33, or to 1-30.20. Physical training instructors and sports coaches instructing in educational establishments are classified in unit group 1-80.
14Workers In ReligionWorkers in this minor group minister religion, give spiritual guidance, propagate religious doctrines, perform a variety of other functions associated with the propagation and practice of religions, and endeavour to cure human ailments by the power of faith.
15Authors, Journalists And Related WritersWorkers in this minor group write literary works for publication or dramatic presentation, write critiques of literary, artistic and musical works and of musical, dramatic and other artistic performances, and compose other written material to inform, entertain or influence the public.
16Sculptors, Painters, Photographers And Related Creative ArtistsWorkers in this minor group create and execute artistic works by sculpturing, painting, drawing, engraving and etching, apply artistic media to illustrative, decorative and sales promotion purposes, take photographs and direct and operate motion picture and television cameras.
17Composers And Performing ArtistsWorkers in this minor group compose, adapt, conduct and perform musical works and dances; produce, direct and act in theatrical, motion picture and broadcast productions; perform a variety of amusing, mystifying and spectacular acts for the entertainment of circus and other audiences; and provide other forms of public entertainment.
18Athletes, Sportsmen And Related WorkersWorkers in this minor group participate for gain in, and regulate the conduct of, public sporting competitions, coach sportsmen in the skills of their sport, instruct persons in the development of their physical fitness and perform various related functions.
19Professional, Technical And Related Workers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this minor group perform professional and technical functions not performed by those classified elsewhere.
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