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Number NameDescription (tasks and duties) Minor Groups
20Legislative Officials And Government AdministratorsWorkers in this minor group decide or participate in formulating governmental policy, make, amend or repeal laws and official regulations and direct the administration of government departments to implement government policy and laws, public rules and regulations. They are elected or appointed and work in national, state, provincial or local governments or intergovernmental organisations.
21ManagersWorkers in this minor group plan, organise, co-ordinate and direct public and private industrial, commercial, public utility, transport, communications and other undertakings, establishments and organisations (or one or more of their departments). ollow (see, for example, 2-11.10 and 2-12.20), with the exception that: (a) all working proprietors of wholesale and retail businesses are classified in minor group 4-1; (b) all working proprietors of enterprises operating catering and lodging services are classified in minor group 5-1; (c) all farmers are classified in minor group 6-1. Not included in minor group 2-1 are those workers who have the status of working proprietor or who have special titles, including such terms as
22Supervisors, Foremen And InspectorsWorkers in this minor group organise, supervise and inspect, within industrial and commercial enterprises, public and private organisations, institutions and establishments, the daily tasks and activities of subordinates. They do so subject to the general directives of managers, as listed in minor group
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