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Number NameDescription (tasks and duties) Minor Groups
30Clerical And Related Workers, Specialisation UnknownWorkers in this minor group may perform any (but not all) occupational activities described in minor groups 3-1 to 3-9.
31Government Executive OfficialsWorkers in this minor group put into effect government policy decisions and implement laws, rules and regulations under the direction of Government administrators (unit group 2-02). Following the principle of classification according to type of work performed, government employees whose principal functions are to carry out professional, technical and related duties are classified in major group 0/1 and those whose duties consist mainly in supervising clerical work are classified in unit group 2-11. Government employees performing mainly clerical and related work, such as bookkeepers, cashiers, stenographers, typists and telephone or telegraph operators, are classified in minor groups 3-2 to 3-9, and those performing mainly sales, service, production, transport operation or labouring duties are classified, as appropriate, within major groups 4, 5, 6 and 7/8/9.
32Stenographers, Typists And Card- And Tape-Punching Machine OperatorsWorkers in this minor group record oral or written matter by shorthand and typing and operate card- or tape-punching machines.
33Bookkeepers, Cashiers And Related WorkersWorkers in this minor group keep records of business transactions and handle cash on behalf of an organisation and its customers and other persons; calculate costs and wages and perform other specialised bookkeeping and computing clerical duties.
34Computing Machine OperatorsWorkers in this minor group operate bookkeeping, calculating and automatic data-processing machines.
36Transport ConductorsWorkers in this minor group take charge of trains, buses and other public transport vehicles during journeys and safeguard passengers.
37Mail Distribution ClerksWorkers in this minor group perform sorting, recording, delivery and other duties in connection with the distribution of mail and the forwarding of messages. They may be employed in public services or private enterprises. Workers primarily engaged in driving vehicles for mail transport are classified in minor group 9-8.
38Telephone And Telegraph OperatorsWorkers in this minor group transmit and receive messages by operating telecommunications equipment on land and sea and in aircraft. Operators of special typewriters such as telex or teleprinter equipment are classified in 3-21.50.
39Clerical And Related Workers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this minor group perform various clerical and related duties not elsewhere classified. Included are those who record the receipt, storage, weighing and issuing of finished goods or materials; dispatch, receive, store, issue and weigh materials; prepare orders for materials required for production processes; calculate quantities needed and draw up production schedules; prepare business letters and other correspondence; provide information and services to visitors in agencies; code and compile statistical data; operate office machines for reproducing copies of documents; operate addressing machines; carry out other recording, correspondence and filing tasks.
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