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Number NameDescription (tasks and duties) Minor Groups
61FarmersWorkers in this minor group conduct mixed farms to produce a variety of agricultural and animal husbandry products, or specialised farms to produce a particular type of agricultural or animal husbandry product, on their own behalf or in partnership.
62Agricultural And Animal Husbandry WorkersWorkers in this minor group perform a variety of tasks in growing field and market garden crops, cultivating trees, shrubs and flowers, breeding and raising livestock and poultry, operating farm machinery and related agricultural and animal husbandry work. Farm supervisors are classified in unit group 2-25 and working proprietors of farms in minor group 6-1.
63Forestry WorkersWorkers in this minor group supervise and perform tasks in the cultivation, conservation and exploitation of forests.
64Fishermen, Hunters And Related WorkersWorkers in this minor group catch and collect fish, hunt and trap animals, and perform related tasks. Hunting and fishing guides are classified in unit group 5-91 and pelt graders and dressers in unit group 7-62.
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