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Number NameDescription (tasks and duties) Minor Groups
71Miners, Quarrymen, Well-Drillers And Related WorkersWorkers in this minor group extract solid minerals from underground or surface mines and quarries, prepare the extracted minerals for distribution or further processing, and erect and operate drilling plant and perform related tasks in the sinking and operation of wells. Operators of earth-moving equipment in mines and quarries are classified in unit group 9-94; crusher-grinder operators employed in chemical and related processing plants in unit group 7-41; well diggers who works with hand tools in unit group 9-59; and riggers (oil and gas well drilling) in unit group 9-72.
72Metal ProcessorsWorkers in this minor group operate furnaces to smelt, convert, refine, melt and reheat metals; operate metal-rolling mills; pour metal into moulds and operate metal-casting machines; make sand moulds and cores for casting metal; alter the physical properties of metal objects by heating, cooling and chemical treatment; draw and extrude metals to make wire, pipes, tubes and similar products; operate equipment to plate and coat metal products; and perform related tasks.
73Wood Preparation Workers And Paper MakersWorkers in this minor group season and preserve wood; operate machines to saw wood, cut veneer, make plywood and otherwise prepare wood for use; prepare pulp for making paper; and make paper by hand or machine.
74Chemical Processors And Related WorkersWorkers in this minor group crush, grind, mix, blend, cook, roast, filter, separate, distil, refine and otherwise treat chemicals and other materials used in chemical and related processes.
75Spinners, Weavers, Knitters, Dyers And Related WorkersWorkers in this minor group prepare natural textile fibres for spinning and winding; spin, double, twist and wind thread and yarn; set and maintain weaving and knitting machines and prepare pattern cards; weave materials on hand or machine looms; knit garments, fabrics and other articles by hand or machine; bleach, dye and otherwise treat textile products; and perform related textile fabrics manufacturing tasks.
76Tanners, Fellmongers And Pelt DressersWorkers in this minor group prepare hides, skins and fur- or wool-bearing pelts for making leather and fur products.
77Food And Beverage ProcessorsWorkers in this minor group prepare food products and beverages of all kinds for human and animal consumption.
78Tobacco Preparers And Tobacco Product MakersWorkers in this minor group prepare and treat tobacco leaves and make cigars, cigarettes and other tobacco products.
79Tailors, Dressmakers, Sewers, Upholsterers And Related WorkersWorkers in this minor unit group make, or take part in making, garments, hats, gloves and other articles of textile, fur, leather and similar materials; upholster furniture and the interiors of vehicles and sew textile products for furniture and decoration. Workers who prepare and grade hides, skins and pelts are classified in minor group 7-6. Designers of new garment styles are classified in unit group 1-62.
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