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Number NameDescription (tasks and duties) Minor Groups
80Shoemakers And Leather Goods MakersWorkers in this minor group make and repair footwear mainly of leather and make saddles, harness and various other kinds of products from leather or similar materials.
81Cabinetmakers And Related WoodworkersWorkers in this minor group make and repair wooden furniture, highly finished wooden fittings and similar objects, set and operate precision woodworking machines to saw, shape, plane, turn and carve wooden products and perform related woodworking tasks not elsewhere classified such as making wooden carts, wheels, patterns, models, casks, and smoking pipes. Wicker furniture maker is classified in unit group 9-42; restorers working on wooden objects of artistic or historical value are classified in unit group 1-61; sawing-machine operators in sawmills and Veneer cutter are classified in unit group 7-32.
82Stone Cutters And CarversWorkers in this minor group cut and shape stone for building, monumental and ornamental purposes. Sculptor is classified in 1-61.20; Marble setter and Stonemason are classified in 9-51; Stone splitter working at quarry site in 7-12.20; and Lithographic stone engraver in 9-24.15.
83Blacksmiths, Toolmakers And Machine-Tool OperatorsWorkers in this minor group hammer and forge metal by hand or machine, make tools, dies, patterns and other metal articles, using hand and machine tools, set up metal-cutting machine tools, operate machine tools set up for repetitive work, grind, and sharpen tools and perform various metalworking tasks not performed by workers classified elsewhere. Machinery fitters and machine assemblers are classified in unit groups 8-41; Precision instrument makers in 8-42; Electrical fitters in 8-51; and Electronics fitters in 8-52.
84Machinery Fitters, Machine Assemblers And Precision-Instrument Makers (Except Electrical)Workers in this minor group assemble, install, service and repair various types of machinery, metal products, engines and mechanical equipment, and make, service and repair watches, clocks and precision instruments (other than electrical) Electrical fitters and related electrical and electronics workers are classified in minor group 8-5.
85Electrical Fitters And Related Electrical And Electronics WorkersWorkers in this minor group fit, assemble, install, maintain and repair electrical and electronic equipment such as electrical motors, generators, instruments, signal transmitters and receivers, in homes, industrial plants and other establishments, and in ships, motor vehicles and aircraft; install and service electrical power transmission cables, telephone and telegraph lines and related equipment.
86Broadcasting And Sound-Equipment Operators And Cinema ProjectionistsWorkers in this minor group operate radio and television broadcasting equipment, install and operate sound-recording and amplifying apparatus and operate cinema projectors.
87Plumbers, Welders, Sheet-Metal, And Structural Metal Preparers And ErectorsWorkers in this minor group assemble, fit, install and repair plumbing fixtures, pipes and pipeline systems; form and cut metal parts using flame, electric-arc or other sources of heat; make and repair articles and parts of articles of cold sheet metal; shape, assemble, erect and repair heavy metal members such as girders and plates to form structures or structural frameworks.
88Jewellers And Precious Metal WorkersWorkers in this minor group make and repair jewellery and precious metal ware, shape and set gems and engrave designs on jewellery and precious metal ware. Workers who cast precious metal ingots are classified in unit group 7-24, and those who anneal precious metals in unit group 7-26.
89Glass Formers, Potters And Related WorkersWorkers in this minor group blow, mould, press and roll shapes from molten glass; cut, grind and finish glass; form ceramics products from class and abrasives; operate furnaces and kilns to make glass; bake ceramics and anneal and temper glass; engrave, etch, paint and decorate glass and ceramics articles; perform other functions in the manufacture of glass and ceramics products.
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