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Number NameDescription (tasks and duties) Minor Groups
90Rubber And Plastics Product MakersWorkers in this unit group knead and blend raw rubber and rubber compounds and make articles, such as industrial accessories, footwear, domestic articles, sports and life-saving equipment and pneumatic tires, from natural and synthetic rubber and plastics, by extruding, moulding, laminating and vulcanising. Makers of sewn and stitched garments, gloves, furniture coverings and trimmings of rubber, rubberised or plastic materials are classified in minor group 7-9. Workers treating crude rubber (latex) to coagulate and cure (smoke) it are classified in 7-49.90.
91Paper And Paperboard Products MakersWorkers in this minor group make boxes, envelopes, bags and other products from paper, paperboard, cardboard, cellophane and similar materials.
92Printers And Related WorkersWorkers in this minor group compose type, cast and engrave printing plates and operate printing presses to print text and illustrations on paper, metal, cloth or other material; bind books; develop and print photographic still and motion-picture films; perform other related tasks. Proof Reader is classified in 3-99.40.
93PaintersWorkers in this minor group prepare structural surfaces for painting and apply decorative and protective coatings to buildings, ships, motor vehicles and articles of wood, metal, textile and other materials (except glass and ceramic products). Glass and ceramics painters and decorators are classified in unit group 8-95. Paperhanger is classified in 9-59.25.
94Production And Related Workers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this group are production and related workers who are not classified in any other minor group. Included in this group are craftsmen and specialised workers performing functions requiring application of particular techniques; use of particular tools or machines and abilities and experience in working particular materials in order to make such articles as musical instruments; baskets and brushes; products of cast concrete, asbestos cement, artificial stone and other non-metallic mineral products; objects of cork; linoleum; dolls and stuffed toys; rubber stamps; candles; photographic film and paper; matches; buttons; and various other products. The group also includes those who prepare and stuff skins of animals and birds to give life-like form. Also included are those performing other product-making and processing tasks not elsewhere classified.
95Bricklayers, Carpenters And Other Construction WorkersWorkers in this minor group erect and repair buildings and other structures. They lay bricks, stones and tiles; erect reinforced concrete frameworks; cover roof frameworks with roofing tiles and other materials; make, erect, fit and repair wooden structural frameworks, flooring, fixtures, panelling, boats, plain furniture, and other objects of wood; apply lath and plasters in buildings; apply insulating materials to buildings, boilers, pipes, refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment; fit and set glass in buildings and vehicles; perform other tasks related to building and construction. Plumber and pipe fitters, Welders and flame-cutters, Sheet-metal workers and Structural metal preparers and erectors are classified in minor group 8-7, Crane and hoist operators and Earth-moving and related machinery operators in minor group 9-7, and Building painter in 9-31.20.
96Stationary Engine And Related Equipment OperatorsWorkers in this minor group operate equipment to produce electric power and control its distribution; operate and tend stationary engines and related equipment such as steam boilers, air and gas compressors, pumps, refrigeration plant, heating and ventilation systems and water treatment, waste disposal and similar types of equipment.
97Material Handling And Related Equipment Operators, Dockers And Freight HandlersWorkers in this minor group perform freight handling tasks, such as loading and unloading ship and aircraft cargoes and other freight, including petroleum, wrapping objects, packing liquids, material and objects in containers, affixing labels and making marks on containers and operating baling presses; rig cables, wires and ropes for lifting, hauling and other purposes, and splice cables; operate cranes and other hoisting equipment; operate machines to excavate, grade, level and compact earth, mix concrete and lay road surfaces of asphalt and concrete; operate specialised vehicles (not used for road transport) to lift, move, dump and stack materials in warehouses, on mining and construction sites and in timber yards and other establishments; and perform related tasks such as operating conveyors and aerial ropeways.
98Transport Equipment OperatorsWorkers in this minor group drive vehicles and perform assimilated tasks related to the transport of passengers and freight by water-borne craft, land transport and pack animals. They carry out deck and engine-room duties aboard ship (under the direction of ships' officers, classified in 0-42 and 0-43) and aboard other water-borne craft, drive locomotives, manoeuvre railway coaches and wagons, operate railway signals and lighthouses, drive motor vehicles and motor-cycles, drive pack animals and vehicles drawn by animas, operate locks in canals and ports, dry-dock vessels, drive pedal vehicles and pull rickshaws and handcarts. Aircraft and ships' officers (including ships' deck officers and engineer officers) are classified in minor group 0-4; Ship's carpenter in 9-54.55. Ship's engine-room mechanics are classified in 8-49.90. Transport conductors are classified in minor group 3-6.
99Workers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this minor group perform manual tasks having a simple and routine nature and requiring mainly physical effort, which are not performed by workers classified elsewhere. Workers performing simple manual tasks in farming and mining are classified in minor group 6-2 and 7-1 respectively; caretakers and cleaners of residences and commercial and other establishments in minor group 5-5; hotel baggage porters in 5-99.90; Dockers and freight handlers in unit group 9-71.
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