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  1. A short note on HISCLASS
    Recently a social class scheme (HISCLASS) based on HISCO has been made by Marco H.D. van Leeuwen and Ineke Maas. You can use the full scheme, with 12 social classes, or the condensed version with 7 classes as e.g. in the 2005 supplement on social homogamy of the International Review of Social History. This document provides some background information on the HISCLASS scheme.
    hisclass-brief.doc (90 Kb)
  2. Example file HISCO
    This is a basic file example of the minimal needed decriptive fields to use when coding your own collection of HISCO occupational titles (Excel sheet).
    grid.xls (14 Kb)
  3. HISCO
    by Marco van Leeuwen
    SPSS job recoding HISCO into ISEI (Ganzeboom, de Graaf & Treiman) Standard International Socio-Economic Index of occupational status.
    hisco_treiman.inc (26 Kb)
  4. HISCO recoded to EGP
    by Ineke Maas
    Incomplete recoded job: most recent hiscodes were not used in this case.
    Hscegp.job (6 Kb)
  5. HISCO to ISCO68
    by Ineke Maas
    Crossover: HISCO recoded into ISCO68 (SPSSjob).
    hiscisco.inc (7 Kb)
  6. HSCP
    by Marco van Leeuwen
    Recodejob from abbreviated occupational titles of the Henry dataset to INSEE's SCP v4 of 1964.
    Note: not using HISCO yet.
    hscp.job (1 Kb)
  7. ISC6888
    by Harry Ganzeboom
    Recode job from ISCO68 to ISCO88.
    More: http://www.fss.uu.nl/soc/hg/ismf/
    Isco6888 (12 Kb)
  8. ISC8868
    by Harry Ganzeboom
    Recodejob from ISC088 to ISCO68.
    isc8868.wpd (11 Kb)
  9. ISC88ISEI
    by Harry Ganzeboom
    Recodejob from ISCO88 to Harry's ISEI (International Socio-economic Index of Occupational Status)
    ISC88isei.wpd (30 Kb)
  10. ISC88TREI
    by Harry Ganzeboom
    Recodejob from Treiman's ISCO's to Treiman's Standard International Prestige Scale.
    Iscotrei.hg (7 Kb)

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