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Jurists, Specialization UnknownWorkers in this unit group may perform any, but not all, legal functions described in unit groups 1-21 to 1-29.


LawyersWorkers in this unit group plead cases or conduct prosecutions in courts of justice. Their functions include: examining the circumstances of disputes or reported crimes to ascertain the facts; determining the applicable law; and preparing pleadings or cases for prosecution and conducting them in court.


JudgesWorkers in this unit group preside over judicial proceedings and pronounce judgements in courts of justice. Their functions include: ruling on procedure in court; weighing the evidence presented; determining the rights and obligations of the parties involved; instructing juries on points of law; pronouncing judgements.


NotariesWorkers in this unit group process legal documents. Their functions include: drawing up, recording and certifying instruments and papers of legal importance.


SolicitorsWorkers in this unit group advise clients in a range of personal, business and administrative matters of law. Their functions include: drawing up contracts, wills, settling properties, etc.. hey may also instruct barristers, but not appear as advocates except in certain lower courts.


Jurists Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group perform legal functions not elsewhere classified. Their functions include: drawing up and processing of legal contracts in specific and limited areas, such as property conveyancing; assessment and drafting of government legislation; studying jurisprudence, writing comparative legal analyses and compiling law codes; performing legal research related to the foregoing functions; performing lay tasks in courts of law.
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