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Sculptors, Painters and Related ArtistsWorkers in this unit group create and execute artistic works by sculpturing, painting, drawing, engraving and etching. Their functions include: creating three-dimensional decorative and representational forms by shaping materials such as wood, stone, clay or metal; creating pictures, abstract designs and similar artistic compositions employing paints, pencils, pastels, ink or other media; drawing caricatures and creating cartoons to depict persons and events; creating original designs and engraving or etching them on metal, wood or other materials for reproduction; restoring damaged, soiled and faded paintings; performing related artistic functions. Workers who perform operations on a repetitive basis for large-scale production such as carving wood, stone and other material, or engraving, etching and painting glass and ceramics, are classified in major group 7/8/9, e.g. Wood carver (8-19.45), Stone carver (hand) (8-20.70), Glass engravers and etchers (8-94) and Glass and ceramics painters and decorators (8-95).
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