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Composers and Performing Artists, Specialisation UnknownWorkers in this unit group may perform any (but not all) of the occupational activities described in unit groups 1-71 to 1-79.


Composers, Musicians and SingersWorkers in this unit group compose and adapt musical works and conduct and participate in performances of them. Their functions include: conceiving and writing musical compositions; adapting or arranging music for particular instrumental groups, instruments or occasions; conducting instrumental or vocal groups; playing one or more musical instruments; singing as soloists or member of vocal groups; performing related functions.


Choreographers and DancersWorkers in this unit group compose and perform dances. Their functions include: creating dances for ballet, musical shows, revues and other purposes and instructing dancers in their performance; performing dances as a soloist, with a partner or as a member of a dancing group.


Actors and Stage DirectorsWorkers in this unit group direct and act in theatrical and film productions and tell stories. Their functions include: playing parts in dramatic productions; interpreting dramatic presentations and directing rehearsals of plays or other productions for the stage, radio, television or cinema; telling stories and reading literary works aloud to educate and entertain listeners; performing related functions.


Producers, Performing ArtsWorkers in this unit group plan, organise and co-ordinate the production of plays and other theatrical presentations, motion pictures and radio and television programmes.


Circus PerformersWorkers in this unit group perform a variety of acts for the entertainment of circus and other audiences. Their functions include: performing amusing antics and telling funny stories; performing tricks of illusion and sleight of hand; performing difficult and spectacular acrobatics; performing spectacular gymnastic feats on the high trapeze; training and performing with animals; performing feats on the high wire; performing juggling feats; performing other circus acts.


Performing Artists Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group perform entertainment functions not performed by those classified elsewhere. Their functions include: reading news bulletins and making other announcements for broadcasting over radio and television; introducing performing artists to music-hall, night-club, television and other audiences; entertaining audiences by imitating bird or animal noises, performing feats of hypnotism or ventriloquism, or operating puppet shows.
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