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Librarians, Archivists and CuratorsWorkers in this unit group organise, develop and maintain libraries, archives, museums and art galleries. Their functions include: organising, developing and maintaining systematic collections of books and other recorded material and making them available to library users; collecting, organising and preserving permanent records and historically valuable documents; directing and organising museums, art galleries and similar establishments, performing related tasks.


Sociologists, Anthropologists and Related ScientistsWorkers in this unit group conduct research into the origin, development, history and behaviour of man as an individual and as a member of society. Their functions include: studying the origin, development, structure, social patterns and interrelationships of human society; studying human behaviour and mental processes and recommending treatment for psychological problems; tracing the origin and evolution of man and his cultural and social development; studying the characteristics of man's physical and climatic environment and the distribution of populations and man's activities; conducting research into past human activity; studying the theory, origin, development, operation and interrelationships of political institutions and behaviour.


Social WorkersWorkers in this unit group supervise and provide social services to meet the needs of persons in a community. Their functions include: helping individuals and families with their personal and social problems; organising and supervising social, recreational and educational activities in youth clubs, community centres and similar organisations; working to prevent development of juvenile delinquency or to achieve social and moral rehabilitation of juvenile and adult delinquents; helping the mentally ill to submit and respond to psychiatric treatment and to cope with their personal and social problems; preventing cruelty to children; helping the physically handicapped to adjust to their disabilities; planning and organising home-help services.


Personnel and Occupational SpecialistsWorkers in this unit group specialise in personnel work, vocational guidance and occupational analysis. Their functions include: performing one or more functions in personnel work, such as employee recruitment, placement, or employee-management relations; advising individuals concerning career choice and development; analysing occupations to assist personnel, administrative, research, information and other functions of private, public or governmental organisations; organising and co-ordinating accident prevention within an enterprise.


Philologists, Translators and InterpretersWorkers in this unit group study languages and translate matter from one language into another. Their functions include: studying the origin, development and structure of languages; translating recorded verbal matter from one language to another; interpreting the spoken word from one language into another.


Other Professional, Technical and Related WorkersWorkers in this unit group perform professional and technical functions not performed by those classified elsewhere. Their functions include: giving technical and legal advice in connection with applications for and granting of patents; developing, interpreting and applying principles of home economics; planning, directing and co-ordinating production of advertising campaigns for particular clients of an advertising agency; reviewing applications for insurance and determining premiums, maximum coverage and other conditions of insurance contracts (underwriting); making forecasts of future events for clients using either horoscopes or other information professed to provide a basis for intuitive perception of the past and future; obtaining contracts and negotiating terms for publication of writers' works; arranging contracts for performing artists and taking care of their business interests.
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