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Clerical and Related Workers, Specialisation UnknownWorkers in this unit group may perform any (but not all) occupational activities described in minor groups 3-1 to 3-9.


Government Executive OfficialsWorkers in this unit group put into effect government policy decisions and implement laws, rules and regulations under the direction of Government administrators (unit group 2-02). They work in national, state, provincial or local government departments or agencies, or in intergovernmental organisations, dealing with subjects such as finance, taxation, trade, health, education, social insurance and employment. Their functions include: directing a unit, section or local office of a government department in the implementation of government policy decisions and laws, rules and regulations; making decisions on matters arising in the detailed implementation of government policy decisions, laws, rules, regulations and instructions of government administrators, except in important cases; performing executive secretarial duties for departmental heads or official committees; writing reports to inform or advise administrators on policy questions, departmental programmes and other matters; performing other duties delegated by government administrators, generally with the assistance of subordinates. Government employees whose principal functions are to carry out professional, technical and related duties are classified in major group 0/1 and those whose duties consist mainly in supervising clerical work are classified in unit group 2-21.


Stenographers, Typists and TeletypistsWorkers in this unit group record oral or written matter by shorthand writing and typing on ordinary or specialised typing machines. Their functions include: recording material in shorthand and transcribing it in typewritten form; making appointments for superior and dealing with telephone calls; making verbatim records of proceedings in shorthand; typing material from drafts, existing documents or dictation; operating teletype or teleprinter machines to transmit and receive messages.


Card- and Tape-Punching Machine OperatorsWorkers in this unit group operate machines that record data in the form of punched holes in cards or special tapes for use in data processing machines or for other purposes.


Bookkeepers and CashiersWorkers in this unit group keep records of the financial transactions of an undertaking and handle cash on its or its customers' behalf. Their functions include: performing bookkeeping operations for the whole or parts of an undertaking; receiving, changing and paying out money in banks, offices, post offices and other establishments; receiving cash in retail stores, theatres and other establishments.


Bookkeepers, Cashiers and Related Workers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group perform bookkeeping, cash-handling and financial computing duties not elsewhere classified. Their functions include: calculating wage, material, overhead and other operational costs; calculating wages due from records of hours worked or work performed by individual employees; carrying out specialised clerical tasks relating to the financial transactions of a bank, investment or other financial organisation; performing other bookkeeping, cash-handling and financial computing.


Bookkeeping and Calculating Machine OperatorsWorkers in this unit group operate bookkeeping machines to make records of business transactions and make arithmetical calculations on keyboard calculating machines. Automatic data-processing machine operators are classified in unit group 3-42.


Automatic Data-Processing Machine OperatorsWorkers in this unit group operate automatic machines which classify, sort, calculate, summarise and record scientific, technical, business or other data. Their functions include: operating electronic computers, electrical or electro-mechanical punched-card sorting, tabulating and related machines; operating peripheral units of data-processing equipment, such as card-to-tape convertors or high-speed printers.


Transport ConductorsWorkers in this unit group take charge of passenger trains, buses and other public transport vehicles during journeys, deal with passengers, ensure that safety regulations are respected and that time schedules are maintained. Their functions include: taking charge of passenger train during journey; supervising sleeping or pullman car; dealing with passengers on trains and buses; signalling driver to start or stop; performing similar duties in other public conveyances.


Mail Distribution ClerksWorkers in this unit group perform sorting, recording, delivery and other duties in connection with mail distribution and the forwarding of messages. Their functions include: sorting and delivering mail to private houses and elsewhere; performing mail handling duties in public postal services; sorting, delivering and keeping simple records of incoming and outgoing letters, small packages and messages in an enterprise or organisation; dispatching outgoing mail and performing related duties.


Telephone and Telegraph OperatorsWorkers in this unit group transmit and receive messages by operating wire and radio telephone and telegraph equipment. Their functions include: operating public service and private telephone switchboards; operating wire or radio telegraph equipment in land stations; operating radio communications equipment on board aircraft and ships; performing other functions related to message transmission by telephone and telegraph.


Stock ClerksWorkers in this unit group maintain records of goods and materials received, weighed, issued, dispatched or put into stock. Their functions include: controlling and arranging receipt and dispatch of goods and materials and keeping relevant records; maintaining stock records and periodically checking stock held against the records; maintaining records of stores, supplies and spare parts held in storeroom and of issues and replacements received; weighing goods and materials received, issued, produced or dispatched and keeping relevant records.


Material and Production Planning ClerksWorkers in this unit group compute quantities of materials required at specified dates for the production programme of an undertaking or prepare production operations schedules. Their functions include: calculating the amounts of materials needed for production programmes and ensuring they are available when required; drawing up production schedules, taking account of demand and production capacity for various items of output, and keeping records of performance. Production planning engineers and technicians are classified in minor group 0-2/0-3.


Correspondence and Reporting ClerksWorkers in this unit group perform a variety of clerical tasks, prepare correspondence, or deal with routine aspects of insurance transactions, legal matters or personnel records. Their functions include: performing various clerical tasks, depending on nature and size of office; drafting business letters and related documents; keeping records of establishments' personnel; carrying out specialised clerical tasks in connection with legal or insurance matters.


Receptionists and Travel Agency ClerksWorkers in this unit group make appointments, receive clients, provide information in offices, hotels and other establishments, make travel arrangements and obtain hotel reservations for travellers. Their functions include: making appointments, receiving callers or customers, ascertaining their needs and directing them accordingly; allocating rooms and performing related duties in hotels and similar establishments; receiving patients in physicians' or dentists' offices; providing information about tours and other travel, arranging itineraries and accommodation and obtaining tickets for travellers.


Library and Filing ClerksWorkers in this unit group maintain library records and perform filing services. Their functions include: keeping records relating to the acquisition, issue and return of publications in libraries; arranging and classifying correspondence, invoices, receipts and other documents and records.


Clerks Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group perform miscellaneous clerical tasks not elsewhere classified. Their functions include: compiling statistical tables; converting information into codes and classifying information by code numbers for purposes of data-processing; verifying and correcting printer's proofs; operating office machines which reproduce documents by photographic, multigraph or similar means; performing other clerical tasks such as sorting forms and marking them with identification numbers, operating office machines to sort documents for filing or to collate sets of pages, or addressing circular letters by hand.
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