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Salesmen, Shop Assistants and DemonstratorsWorkers in this unit group sell and demonstrate goods in wholesale and retail establishments. Their functions include: selling goods in a wholesale establishment to retailers or large-scale consumers; selling goods to customers of a retail establishment; dressing in clothes for sale to display them for customers in manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers showrooms; demonstrating and explaining qualities and functions of goods; performing other tasks related to the forgoing. Salesmen, shop assistants and demonstrators can additionally be coded by PRODUCT.


Street Vendors, Canvassers and News VendorsWorkers in this unit group sell goods or solicit orders on streets or from door to door. Their functions include: selling such goods as fruit, vegetables, ice-cream, coal or wood and soliciting business from door to door; selling newspapers on streets and distributing them to regular subscribers; performing other itinerant selling tasks. Street vendors can additionally be coded by PRODUCT.
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