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Working Proprietors (Catering, Lodging and Leisure Services)Workers in this unit group conduct catering, lodging and leisure services on their own behalf or in partnership and provide accommodation and meals for guests. Their functions include: maintaining records and keeping accounts of the undertaking; ordering supplies; receiving guests and allocating accommodation; supervising employees engaged in the provision of food, personal and leisure services or personally performing equivalent duties.


CooksWorkers in this group prepare and cook foodstuffs in hotels, restaurants, other public eating places, aboard ships, on railway trains and in private households. Their functions include: planning meals, preparing and cooking foodstuffs; performing various other tasks related to the preparation and cooking of food.


Waiters, Bartenders and Related WorkersWorkers in this unit group serve food and beverages in commercially operated dining and drinking places, clubs, institutions and canteens, on board ships and on railway trains. Their functions include: serving food and beverages; advising on the choice of wines and serving them; serving alcoholic and other drinks at a bar; performing various other tasks relative to the foregoing. Aircraft cabin attendant is classified in unit group 5-99.


Maids and Related Housekeeping Service Workers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group provide personal and housekeeping services in private homes, hotels, and aboard ships, in public conveyances and other places. Their functions include: cleaning rooms, cooking and serving meals and performing other duties in private households; attending to employer's personal needs and keeping personal effects in good order; cleaning and servicing public, guest and bath rooms and performing various related tasks for guests in hotels and similar establishments; taking care of general needs and comfort of passengers on board ships; caring for costumes of actors in theatres and motion picture and television studios; performing various other tasks related to the provision of comfort in private households or public establishments.


Building CaretakersWorkers in this unit group take care of apartment houses, office buildings, churches and other buildings and maintain them in an orderly and clean condition. Their functions include: attending to the operation of an apartment house as representative of owner or managing agent; keeping apartment house, office or similar building in clean and orderly condition and operating furnaces or boilers to provide heat and hot water for tenants; taking care of interior and furnishings of churches; performing similar tasks in other establishment.


Charworkers, Cleaners and Related WorkersWorkers in this unit group clean the interiors, windows and chimneys of buildings. Their functions include: cleaning and keeping in an orderly condition the interiors of public buildings, office, factories, commercial establishments, apartment and private houses; cleaning windows in buildings; removing soot from flues, chimneys and connecting pipes; performing other cleaning tasks similar to the foregoing.


Launderers, Dry-Cleaners and PressersWorkers in this unit group launder, dry-clean and press clothing, textile fabrics and similar articles. They may also mend or carry out alterations to clothing. Their functions include: washing, drying and ironing in laundry or in private houses; operating washing or dry-cleaning machines; dry-cleaning articles by hand; removing spots and stains; smoothing and shaping garments or other textile articles by hand or machine pressing; performing other related tasks. Workers who dye garments for customers are classified in unit group 7-56.


Hairdressers, Barbers, Beauticians and Related WorkersWorkers in this unit group cut and dress hair, apply cosmetics and make-up, and give other kinds of treatment to individuals to improve their appearance. Their functions include: cutting, washing and dressing women's hair and performing other personal services incidental to hair dressing; cutting men's hair, shaving, trimming and giving other related treatments; giving various forms of beauty treatment; cleaning, shaping and polishing finger and toe nails; applying make-up to faces of actors and other stage and studio performers; attending to clients taking baths; performing various other tasks related to the foregoing.


Fire-FightersWorkers in this unit group extinguish fires, eliminate fire hazards and protect property at fire sites. Their functions include: fighting fires as members of a public or private fire-fighting force; detecting and eliminating or reducing fire hazards in industrial plants or other establishments; protecting and salvaging goods during and after fires; preventing or extinguishing fires in crashed or damaged aircraft and rescuing crew and passengers; performing other related duties. Forest fire-fighters are classified in unit group 6-32.


Policemen and DetectivesWorkers in this unit group maintain law and order, prevent and solve crimes and enforce laws and regulations. Their functions include: maintaining law and order; protecting persons and property from hazards and unlawful acts; discovering facts connected with the prevention and solution of crimes and arresting persons for contraventions of the law.


MilitaryWorkers in this unit group serve in the armed forces as conscripted, enlisted or commissioned personnel. Their functions include defending and fighting for their country against foreign aggressors in time of war. They may also support civilian state services in time of local and national emergencies in peacetime.


Protective Service Workers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group perform miscellaneous tasks in maintaining law and order and protecting property and are not elsewhere classified. Their functions include: conducting private investigations for commercial or other establishments and individuals; watching inmates of gaols, reformatories or penitentiaries, seeing to their needs and maintaining discipline; guarding industrial plant, warehouse or other property against fire, theft and illegal entry; performing related tasks.


GuidesWorkers in this unit group escort individuals and groups on travel tours, sightseeing visits and excursions. Their functions include: escorting groups of tourists and looking after their comfort; accompanying tourists on sightseeing tours and describing points of interest; providing other guide services to visitors and travellers, such as organising and conducting mountain-climbing, hunting or fishing excursions.


Undertakers and EmbalmersWorkers in this unit group perform various tasks in the disposal of dead human bodies. Their functions include: making arrangements for and conducting funerals and arranging cremations and burials; embalming human bodies to retard or arrest the process of decay; performing various related tasks.


Other Service WorkersWorkers in this unit group perform miscellaneous service tasks not elsewhere classified. Their functions include: determining odds and receiving and paying bets on results of sporting events; conducting games of chance in gambling establishments; performing simple tasks to assist medical, dental and nursing personnel in consulting rooms, hospitals or other institutions; performing non-technical tasks in pharmacies, under the direction of a pharmacist; performing simple tasks to assist veterinarians in animal clinics or other veterinary establishments; rendering personal services to ensure comfort and safety of aircraft passengers; performing a variety of other services.
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