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LoggersWorkers in this unit group perform logging tasks. Their functions include: felling trees and sawing them into logs; trimming and topping trees selected for log-hauling operations: launching logs into river and guiding them downstream to mill or into rafts or booms for further transport; operating wood-harvesting machines; loading logs into chutes or stacking them; shaping rough products from logs at felling site; grading logs according to quality; determining volume of marketable timber in logs. Logging rigger is classified in 9-72.90, Timber-carrier driver in 9-79.50, winch and hoist operators are classified in unit group 9-73, operators of bulldozers, road-making and related equipment in unit group 9-74 and Animal and animal-drawn vehicle drivers in unit group 9-86.


Forestry Workers (except Logging)Workers in this unit group supervise and perform tasks in the cultivation, conservation and harvesting operations and enforcing safety and preservation regulations in forests; performing a variety of tasks in the establishment and care of forest stands; locating and estimating the volume of marketable timber in forests; patrolling or keeping watch to detect forest fires and participating in fire-fighting operations; performing various related tasks.
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