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Grain Millers and Related WorkersWorkers in this unit group crush, grind, blend and otherwise process grains, spices and related foodstuffs for human or animal consumption. Their functions include: operating machinery for the production of flour, meal and animal feed and for processing rice; grinding spices in a mill; performing related tasks.


Sugar Processors and RefinersWorkers in this unit group operate equipment to process sugar-cane and beet and make refined sugar. Their functions include: operating sugar-cane crushing equipment; operating batteries of diffusers to extract sugar liquor from beet; controlling tanks in which sugar liquor is purified by carbonation process; tending tanks in which sugar crystals are produced from hot sugar liquor; operating and controlling series of machines which refine beet or cane sugar by a continuous process; performing related tasks such as extracting and refining sugar juices from maple, palm and other vegetable sources.


Butchers and Meat PreparersWorkers in this unit group slaughter animals, cut and dress meat and make sausages and other meat products. Their functions include: slaughtering animals; flaying and trimming carcasses; cutting and dressing meat for sale or further processing; preparing ingredients for sausages and operating sausage-making machines; performing related tasks.


Food PreserversWorkers in this unit group cook, smoke, dry, freeze or dehydrate foodstuffs for canning or other kinds of preservation. Their functions include: cooking meat, fish, fruit, vegetables or other foods in large quantities; sterilising foodstuffs prior to canning or bottling; freezing or dehydrating fruit, vegetables or other foods; curing foodstuffs by salting or smoking; performing related tasks.


Dairy Product ProcessorsWorkers in this unit group process milk and cream and make dairy products. Their functions include: operating or tending equipment to pasteurise milk; performing one or more tasks in making butter or cheese or tending machinery to make them in large quantities; making ice cream; performing related tasks.


Bakers, Pastry Cooks and Confectionery MakersWorkers in this unit group make various kinds of bread, cake, other flour products and chocolate and sugar confectionery. Their functions include: making bread, cake, biscuits, pastries, pies, macaroni and other flour products; operating grinding, pressing, mixing and other machines in the manufacture of chocolate; making confectionery from mixtures of sugar, performing related tasks.


Tea, Coffee and Cocoa PreparersWorkers in this unit group taste and grade various kinds of coffee and tea to guide blending and prepare coffee beans, chicory and cocoa beans. Their functions include: tasting brewed samples of coffee or tea; operating machines to blend various grades of coffee or tea; roasting blended coffee beans, chicory roots or cocoa beans in heated revolving cylinders; performing related tasks.


Brewers, Wine and Beverage MakersWorkers in this unit group mix, press, malt and ferment grains and fruits to make malt liquors, wine, fruit juices and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Their functions include: germinating barley and other grains used in making distilled or malt liquors; drying germinated grain; cooking malt with water to prepare mash; controlling fermentation process in making distilled or malt liquors; producing yeast used in fermentation of mash; performing various tasks in wine making; tasting samples of wine or liquor; making vinegar from malt, alcohol or wine; operating presses to extract juices from fruit and making fruit juices and other non-alcoholic beverages; performing related tasks. Workers who distil alcohol to make alcoholic beverages such as whiskies are classified in unit group 7-44.


Food and Beverage Processors Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group perform tasks not classified elsewhere in the preparation and processing of food products for human and animal consumption. Their functions include; extracting oil from oil-bearing seeds, nuts and fruits; operating machines to refine crude soya bean, cotton seed, peanut and other edible oils; operating equipment to process oils and fats used in making margarine and equipment to make margarine; preparing fish and other sea or freshwater foods for sale or curing; performing related tasks.
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