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Shoemakers and Shoe RepairersWorkers in this unit group make and repair standard or special footwear, mainly of leather. Their functions include: making standard or orthopaedic footwear to individual requirements; repairing leather footwear; making other special types of footwear to order. Workers who make footwear mainly of rope or canvas are classified in unit group 7-99, wood in unit group 8-19, rubber or plastics in unit group 9-01, and shoes of raffia, straw or similar material in unit group 9-49. Clog makers are classified in 8-19.90.


Shoe Cutters, Lasters, Sewers, and Related WorkersWorkers in this unit group make parts of shoes and perform specialised tasks in the manufacture of shoes of leather and similar materials. Their functions include: making patterns to guide the cutting of shoe parts; cutting out, preparing and fitting together shoe parts; sewing shoe parts together; examining and finishing footwear; performing related tasks.


Leather Goods MakersWorkers in this unit group make and repair articles mainly of leather and similar materials (except shoes, garments and gloves). Their functions include: making and repairing, by hand or machine, articles such as luggage, brief-cases and leather novelties; making and repairing saddles and harnesses for use on animals; cutting out, shaping and padding parts for making leather articles; sewing and stitching leather parts by hand or machine; assembling leather goods and attaching fittings; performing related tasks.
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