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Rubber and Plastics Product Makers (except Tire Makers and Tire Vulcanisers)Workers in this until group knead and blend raw rubber and rubber compounds and work natural and synthetic rubber and plastics in the manufacture of such products as moulded footwear, domestic articles, toys, sporting equipment, insulating materials, industrial accessories and life-saving equipment. Their functions include: kneading, mixing and blending raw rubber and rubber compounds for further processing; producing sheets of rubber or rubberised fabric by a rolling process; operating machines extruding compounded rubber; shaping uncured rubber by moulding; assembling domestic and other rubber goods; shaping plastic materials by injection-moulding, compression-moulding and extrusion; laminating plastics or plastic-impregnated materials; assembling or fabricating plastic products; and performing related tasks.


Tire Makers and VulcanisersWorkers in this unit group make pneumatic tires for vehicles such as bicycles, automobiles, tractors and aircraft. Their functions include: building up tyres on a form; curing tyres in a mould; rebuilding used tyres; performing related
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