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Workers in Graphical ArtsWorkers in this unit groups compose type, caste and engrave printing plates and operate printing presses to print text and illustrations on paper, metal, cloth or other material; bind books; develop and print photographic still and motion-picture films; performs related tasks.


Compositors and Type-SettersWorkers in this unit group set and arrange printing type by hand and machine. Their functions include: setting type by hand and printing copies with small machine; setting type by hand; operating linotype, monotype and type-casting machines; arranging set-up of type and spacing material and illustration blocks to make pages; arranging pages in sequence for printing; operating keyboard of machine which reproduces letters on film or sensitised paper for photographic reproduction plates; performing related tasks.


Printing PressmenWorkers in this unit group set and operate various types of machines which print on paper, tinplate and other materials. Their functions include: setting and operating cylinder, platen, rotary, offset, direct lithographic, rotogravure and wallpaper printing presses; performing related tasks.


Stereotypers and ElectrotypersWorkers in this unit group make printing plates from set-up type by stereotyping and electroplating processes. Their functions include: making moulds of set-up type with papier-mâché, wax or other materials; making printing plates by casting metal in moulds of papier-mâché or other material bearing impression of type, or by putting metal backing on shell made by electroplating moulds to reproduce type.


Printing Engravers (except Photo-Engravers)Workers in this group engrave lithographic stones and printing plates, rollers, dies and blocks by various processes other than photogravure. Their functions include: cutting designs through film of gum arabic or other substances applied to surface of lithographic stone; engraving steel and copper plates, rollers, dies and wood, rubber and linoleum blocks by hand; engraving soft metal rollers by machine; engraving metal plates and rollers with pantograph machine; transferring designs from lithographic stone to metal plates; etching metal plates or rollers with acid; performing related tasks. Engraver and etcher (artistic) is classified in 1-61.50. Photo-engravers are classified in unit group 9-25.


Photo-EngraversWorkers in this unit group prepare metal plates by photogravure process for use in printing. Their functions include: performing all or several tasks in preparation of printing plates by photogravure process; photographing illustration and text material to obtain negatives; retouching negatives; reproducing material to be printed from negatives on metal plates; etching photo-printed plates with acid; retouching plates; performing related tasks.


Bookbinders and Related WorkersWorkers in this unit group bind covers to books and perform book-finishing operations. Their functions include: binding books and periodicals by hand; setting and operating bookbinding machines; embossing designs or titles on books by hand or machine; performing related tasks.


Photographic Dark-Room WorkersWorkers in this unit group process exposed photographic still and motion picture film and make photographic prints. Their functions include: processing colour and black-and-white films and plates to obtain negatives or transparent positives; printing and developing black-and-white or colour photographs with contact-printing equipment; enlarging or reducing photographs; performing related tasks.


Printers and Related Workers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group carry out printing tasks not elsewhere classified. Their functions include: cutting stencils for silk-screen printing; printing on paper, metal, textile and other materials by silk-screen process; printing designs on cloth or wallpaper with engraved blocks; printing patterns on cloth by machine equipped with engraved rollers; performing related tasks.
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