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Painters, ConstructionWorkers in this unit group prepare surfaces of buildings and other structures for painting and apply protective and decorative coats of paint and similar materials. Their functions include: applying coats of varnish, shellac and similar materials to exterior surfaces, trimmings and fixtures of buildings; applying paint, red lead, bituminous emulsion and similar materials on ships' hulls and metal superstructures, steel frameworks of buildings, bridges and metal structures; performing related tasks. Painters of motor vehicles are classified in unit group 9-39.


Painters Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group apply decorative and protective coatings to articles of wood, metal, textiles and other materials (except glass and ceramics). Their functions include: coating and staining articles with paint, enamel lacquer and similar substances to give them a decorative or protective covering, using brushes, rollers and spray equipment; immersing articles in paint, enamel, lacquer or similar substances; laying out and painting letters and designs to make signs; painting motor vehicles; performing related tasks. Glass and ceramics painters and decorators are classified in unit group 8-95.
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