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Carpenters, Joiners and Parquetry WorkersWorkers in this unit group cut, shape, assemble, erect and maintain various types of wooden structures and fittings, using hand and power tools. Their functions include: making, altering and repairing structural and other woodwork at work bench and on construction site; constructing, erecting and installing heavy-framed wooden structures on building sites; fitting and assembling internal and external fixtures of buildings such as doors, door and window frames, facings and panelling; making, repairing, altering and fixing scenic equipment for theatrical performances and motion picture productions; erecting temporary structures to support ships and constructing and installing wooden fixtures in ships under construction and repair; constructing and repairing small wooden craft such as sailboats, motor boats, floats and pontoons; altering, repairing and maintaining structural woodwork and wooden gear on board ship; constructing, assembling and repairing wooden parts of aircraft; cutting, shaping,fitting and assembling wooden parts, mainly at bench; laying parquet floors; performing related tasks. Underground timberman is classified in 7-11.60, Cabinetmaker in 8-11.20.
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