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Workers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group perform manual tasks having a simple and routine nature, requiring mainly physical effort and little or no previous experience, which are not performed by workers classified elsewhere. Their functions include: performing simple manual tasks requiring mainly physical effort, such as digging and filling holes and trenches using pick and shovel; cleaning used building bricks and doing other simple work on demolition sites; cleaning up workplaces in factories; carrying materials to and from work bench, using hand trolley where necessary, lifting by hand and stacking bricks, timber or other materials; spreading gravel and other materials with a shovel to patch roads or maintain railway track ballast; sweeping streets and clearing rubbish from parks and public gardens; shovelling snow; washing exteriors of railway carriages, motor vehicles, buses and trams; carrying surveyors instruments and clearing obstructions as directed; carrying bricks and mortar to bricklayer on construction site; collecting and removing garbage; washing dishes and utensils in restaurant kitchen.
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