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Industrial EngineersWorkers in this unit group study, advise on and implement methods to promote the efficient, safe and economic utilisation of personnel, materials and equipment. Their functions include: studying and advising on the organisation and layout of, and methods employed in, production processes and commercial and administrative procedures; planning and conducting time and motion studies; developing work measurement methodology; advising on and initiating measures to prevent industrial accidents and diseases.


Mining TechniciansWorkers in this unit group perform technical tasks, normally under the direction and supervision of mining engineers, contributory to the extraction from the earth and preparation for distribution or processing of minerals such as coal, iron, copper, gold, platinum, silver, petroleum, gas, stone, clay, salt and diamonds. Their functions include: assisting in geological and topographical surveys; assisting in planning and supervising construction of mine shafts, tunnels and surface developments; assisting in technical supervision of mining and quarrying operations, preparation of minerals for distribution, well-drilling operations and initial treatment of crude oil and natural gas; assisting in research to develop improved methods of extraction; applying knowledge of theory and practices of mining and well-drilling to recognise and solve problems arising in the course of their work.


Pharmaceutical AssistantsWorkers in this unit group assist pharmacists in the making and dispensing of medicaments in pharmacies, hospitals and dispensaries. Their theoretical and practical training in pharmacy is less than that of fully qualified Pharmacist (0-67.10).


StatisticianWorkers in this unit group conduct research into the mathematical basis of the science of statistics; develop new and improved statistical methodology; advise on practical applications of statistical methods; plan and conduct statistical surveys; apply statistical techniques to evaluate, organise, analyse and interpret numerical data obtained from special surveys or other sources.


Mathematicians and ActuariesWorkers in this unit group conduct research in fundamental mathematics to advance mathematical knowledge and develop and improve mathematical techniques; advise on practical applications of mathematical principles and techniques to solution of specific problems in scientific research, engineering, logistics, computer applications and other areas; conduct logical analyses of management problems and formulate mathematical models for programming and solution by computer; apply knowledge of mathematics, statistics and financial affairs to design and operation of pensions schemes and life, health, social and casualty insurance systems.


Systems AnalystsWorkers in this unit group analyse data-processing needs and problems of commercial, industrial and other business enterprises, and of research, administrative and other organisations, advise on the feasibility and cost of using automatic data-processing (A.D.P.), and devise and introduce appropriate A.D.P. systems and procedures.


Statistical and Mathematical TechniciansWorkers in this unit group prepare programmes to control the automatic processing of data by computer and perform other technical tasks contributory to the work of, and normally under the direction and supervision of, statisticians, mathematicians and actuaries.


Athletes, Sportsmen and Related WorkersWorkers in this unit group take part for gain in, and regulate the conduct of, sporting events and train sportsmen. Their functions include: participating in public competitive sporting events for gain; coaching sportsmen to develop their knowledge of, and ability in, their sport; participating in the regulation of the conduct of sporting competitions; instructing persons in development and maintenance of their physical fitness by means of gymnastic and other exercises; performing related tasks.


Telephone and Telegraph OperatorsWorkers in this unit group transmit and receive messages by operating wire and radio telephone and telegraph equipment. Their functions include: operating public service and private telephone switchboards; operating wire or radio telegraph equipment in land stations; operating radio communications equipment on board aircraft and ships; performing other functions related to message transmission by telephone and telegraph.


Fire-FightersWorkers in this unit group extinguish fires, eliminate fire hazards and protect property at fire sites. Their functions include: fighting fires as members of a public or private fire-fighting force; detecting and eliminating or reducing fire hazards in industrial plants or other establishments; protecting and salvaging goods during and after fires; preventing or extinguishing fires in crashed or damaged aircraft and rescuing crew and passengers; performing other related duties. Forest fire-fighters are classified in unit group 6-32.


Policemen and DetectivesWorkers in this unit group maintain law and order, prevent and solve crimes and enforce laws and regulations. Their functions include: maintaining law and order; protecting persons and property from hazards and unlawful acts; discovering facts connected with the prevention and solution of crimes and arresting persons for contraventions of the law.


MilitaryWorkers in this unit group serve in the armed forces as conscripted, enlisted or commissioned personnel. Their functions include defending and fighting for their country against foreign aggressors in time of war. They may also support civilian state services in time of local and national emergencies in peacetime.


Protective Service Workers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group perform miscellaneous tasks in maintaining law and order and protecting property and are not elsewhere classified. Their functions include: conducting private investigations for commercial or other establishments and individuals; watching inmates of gaols, reformatories or penitentiaries, seeing to their needs and maintaining discipline; guarding industrial plant, warehouse or other property against fire, theft and illegal entry; performing related tasks.


Farm Machinery OperatorsWorkers in this unit group operate farm machinery. Their functions include: operating and servicing one or more types of motorised farm machinery or equipment; operating and servicing one or more types of farm machinery or equipment drawn or powered by animals. Milker (machine) is classified in 6-25.20 and operators of bulldozers and excavating and trench-digging machines are classified in unit group 9-74.


Metal Platers and CoatersWorkers in this unit group operate equipment to plate and coat metal products. Their functions include: setting and controlling electroplating equipment; operating hot-dip equipment to coat iron and steel products; coating wire with non-ferrous metal by automatic machine; spraying molten metal on metal products to provide a protective or decorative coating or to build up worn or damaged surfaces; performing related tasks.


Brewers, Wine and Beverage MakersWorkers in this unit group mix, press, malt and ferment grains and fruits to make malt liquors, wine, fruit juices and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Their functions include: germinating barley and other grains used in making distilled or malt liquors; drying germinated grain; cooking malt with water to prepare mash; controlling fermentation process in making distilled or malt liquors; producing yeast used in fermentation of mash; performing various tasks in wine making; tasting samples of wine or liquor; making vinegar from malt, alcohol or wine; operating presses to extract juices from fruit and making fruit juices and other non-alcoholic beverages; performing related tasks. Workers who distil alcohol to make alcoholic beverages such as whiskies are classified in unit group 7-44.


Tobacco PreparersWorkers in this unit group prepare tobacco leaves for making various tobacco products. Their functions include: grading cured tobacco leaves by type, quality and locality where grown; mixing tobacco leaves according to formula to obtain a blend of distinctive flavour; tending vacuum container which moistens tobacco for further processing; removing mid-ribs and stalks from tobacco leaves by hand or machine; shredding tobacco leaves by machine; performing related tasks.


Cigar MakersWorkers in this unit group make cigars by hand or machine. Their functions include: making complete cigars by hand or machine; performing related tasks.


Cigarette MakersWorkers in this unit group make cigarettes by machine or hand. Their functions include: operating an automatic cigarette-making machine; making special types of cigarettes by hand; performing related tasks.


Tobacco Preparers and Tobacco Product Makers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group perform miscellaneous tobacco production tasks. Their functions include: pulverising and blending tobacco to make snuff tobacco; making rolls or plugs of chewing tobacco by hand or machine; preparing plugs of pipe tobacco; performing related tasks.
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