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Nursery Workers and GardenersWorkers in this unit group perform nursery, gardening and market gardening tasks. Their functions include: performing a variety of tasks in the growing of vegetables by intensive cultivation techniques or in the propagation and cultivation of trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants, and the production of bulbs and seeds, for sale; cultivating flowers, trees, shrubs and other plants in parks or public or private gardens; growing tropical and other plants for exhibition or medicinal purposes; performing related tasks.


Miners and QuarrymenWorkers in this unit group extract solid minerals from underground or surface mines and quarries. Their functions include: extracting coal, ores and other solid minerals from underground or surface mines; extracting granite, limestone, slate, flint or other kinds of stone from quarries; setting and operating machines which cut channels in mine workface, drill holes into mine or quarry workface for blasting or extract coal automatically from coal seam; determining positions and force of explosions required, and charging and firing explosives, to dislodge solid mineral from mine or quarry workface; cutting, fitting and installing wood or steel props, pillars and arches to support walls and roofs of underground workings; collecting samples of coal or ore for laboratory analysis; extracting chalk, clay, gravel or sand from open pits; performing other tasks related to the foregoing.


Mineral and Stone TreatersWorkers in this unit group prepare ores, stone and other minerals for distribution or further processing. Their functions include: drilling holes and driving wedges into quarried stone to break it into slabs or blocks; operating machines which crush and break lumps of mineral (except chemicals) to required size; operating grinding mill to pulverise stone and mineral-bearing ores; operating batteries of jigs or flotation machines to separate mineral from gangue; tending equipment which precipitates gold or silver from cyanide solution onto zinc; tending gravity device to separate slate and rock from coal; performing related tasks.


Well-Drillers, Borers and Related WorkersWorkers in this unit group erect and operate drilling plant and perform related tasks in the sinking and operation of wells. Their functions include: preparing and operating derrick pipe-handling devices and slush pumps; operating rotary or percussion drilling plant to drill oil or gas wells; cementing openings in walls or casings of oil or gas wells; cleaning and servicing oil or gas wells and repairing and replacing pumping rods, casings and tubings; treating oil and gas wells with acid to increase their production; setting up and operating drilling plant to drill wells or bores other than for oil or gas; performing related tasks.


Metal Processors, Specialisation UnknownWorkers in this unit group carry out metal processing tasks as described in minor group 7-2. Their specialisation is unknown.


Metal Smelting, Converting and Refining FurnacemenWorkers in this unit group operate metal smelting, converting and refining furnaces. Their functions include: operating blast furnaces to smelt ores for production of ferrous or non-ferrous metals; operating furnaces to convert or refine pigiron or scrap-metal to produce steel; operating furnaces to convert or refine non-ferrous metals; performing related tasks. Workers who operate furnaces to melt metal for casting or reheat metal for forging, pressing or rolling are classified in unit group 7-23.


Metal Rolling-Mill WorkersWorkers in this unit group operate rolling mills to roll metal. Their functions include: operating rolling mills to shape hot steel ingots into blooms, slabs, billets or sheet bars for further processing, or to shape heated semi-finished steel pieces into bars, angles, ties, rails, sheets or other finished forms; operating continuous mills in which hot steel slabs are passed through a series of rolls (stands) to produce finished plates or sheets in one continuous operation; operating rolling mills to reduce cold steel strip or sheet to required gauge and impart desired finish; operating rolling mills to reduce or form hot or cold non-ferrous metal into plate, sheets, foil, wire or rod of specified dimensions; operating rolls to form seamless tubes and pipes from billets which have been pierced longitudinally; manipulating controls of a rolling mill according to signals from roller; performing related tasks.


Metal Melters and ReheaterWorkers in this unit group operate furnaces to melt or reheat metals. Their functions include: operating furnaces to melt ferrous and non-ferrous metals for casting; operating furnaces to reheat bars, plates and other stock metal forms prior to forging, powerpressing, rolling or other further processing; performing related tasks.


Metal CastersWorkers in this unit group pour metal into moulds and operate metal-casting machines. Their functions include: pouring molten metal into moulds to produce metal castings: operating centrifugal casting machines to cast cylindrical metal products; operating die-casting machines to make castings from non-ferrous metals; operating continuous casting machines to produce tubes and rods from non-ferrous metal; performing related tasks.


Metal Moulders and CoremakersWorkers in this unit group make sand moulds and cores for casting metal. Their functions include: making sand moulds by hand on a bench for small metal castings, or on the foundry floor or in a pit for large metal castings; making sand moulds for metal castings using auxiliary machines; making sand cores for use in metal moulds by hand or machine; performing related tasks.


Metal Annealers, Temperers and Case-HardenersWorkers in this unit group alter the physical properties of metal objects by heating, cooling and chemical treatment. Their functions include: heating metal objects in a furnace and cooling them at a predetermined rate to relieve internal stresses, restore ductility and refine grain structure; hardening steel objects throughout by heating them in a furnace and quenching them; imparting a hard skin and tough, ductile core to steel objects by treating them with chemicals, heating and quenching or cooling them; reheating hardened steel objects in a furnace and quenching them to relieve stresses caused in performing related tasks. Metal bluer is classified in 7-29.20.


Metal Drawers and ExtrudersWorkers in this unit group draw and extrude metals through dies to make wire, pipes, tubes and similar products. Their functions include: making wire of specified diameter by hand on a draw bench or by setting and operating a wire-drawing machine; setting and operating a machine to draw seamless metal tubing; setting and operating a hydraulic press to extrude metal rods, bars and seamless tubing; performing related tasks.


Metal Platers and CoatersWorkers in this unit group operate equipment to plate and coat metal products. Their functions include: setting and controlling electroplating equipment; operating hot-dip equipment to coat iron and steel products; coating wire with non-ferrous metal by automatic machine; spraying molten metal on metal products to provide a protective or decorative coating or to build up worn or damaged surfaces; performing related tasks.


Metal Processors Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group perform metal processing tasks not classified elsewhere. Their functions include: imparting a blue, rust-resistant, decorative finish to metal articles by treating them with chemicals and heating them; semi-finishing the surfaces of cast metal articles by hand and machine; operating equipment to clean metal articles in preparation for electroplating, galvanising, enamelling or similar finishing processes.


Wood TreatersWorkers in this unit group season and preserve wood. Their functions include operating steam-heated kilns to season wood; treating wood with chemicals to protect it against decay or parasites; performing related tasks.


Sawyers, Plywood Makers and Related Wood-Processing WorkersWorkers in this unit group operate machines or use hand tools to saw wood, cut veneer and make plywood and otherwise prepare wood for further use. Their functions include: using hand saws or setting and operating one or more sawing machines in a sawmill, workshop or outside in forests; setting and operating multiple-blade sawing machines to cut uneven edges of rough boards straight and square; setting and operating band-saw machines to saw logs into plants or boards; setting and operating machines to cut veneer; operating plywood core-laying machines; operating hot-plate plywood presses; grading wood according to quality and size; performing related tasks.


Paper Pulp PreparersWorkers in this unit group prepare pulp for making paper. Their functions include: operating grinding machines to reduce logs to pulp; operating chipper machines to reduce logs to chips for making pulp; operating digesters to produce pulp from materials such as wood, rags, esparto, straw or waste paper; operating machines to bleach wood pulp, rags, esparto, straw or waste-paper pulp; operating machines which mix, beat and hydrate pulp and other ingredients to prepare stuff for making paper; performing related tasks.


Paper MakersWorkers in this unit group make paper by hand or machine. Their functions include: operating section of paper-making machines in which wet pulp is formed into paper or in which paper is dried, calendered, wound, slit and rewound; operating supercalender machines to impart gloss and finish to surface of paper; operating machines to glaze or impregnate paper with coating mixture; making high-quality paper by hand; performing related tasks.


Crushers, Grinders and MixersWorkers in this unit group crush, grind, mix and blend chemicals and other materials employed in chemical and related processes. Their functions include: reducing solid chemicals and related materials to suitable size for further processing; grinding and pulverising solid chemicals and related materials; mixing or blending solids or liquids used in chemical and related processes; performing related tasks.Operators of crushing machines employed in ore-treating are classified in 7-12.30.


Cookers, Roasters and Related Heat TreatersWorkers in this unit group perform cooking, roasting and other heattreating tasks in chemical and related processes. Their functions include: cooking materials to purify, mix or compound them, give them a special property or effect a chemical change in them; heating substances in ovens, kilns or similar devices to dry them, give them a special property or effect a chemical change in them; operating driers for the processing of chemicals and related materials; performing related tasks.
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