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Electrical FittersWorkers in this unit group fit, adjust and repair electrical machinery and other electrical apparatus in factory, workshop or place of use. Their functions include: fitting, adjusting and repairing various kinds of electrical machinery and other electrical apparatus; fitting adjusting and repairing electrical motors and generators, switchgear and control apparatus, electrical instruments, or electrical parts of elevators and related equipment; fitting, adjusting and repairing electrical apparatus in domestic appliances, office machines, industrial machines and other appliances, aircraft, ships and vehicles; performing related tasks. Workers assembling electrical and electronic equipment from finished parts not requiring further tooling are classifies in unit group 8-53. Electrical wiremen (including aircraft, ship, vehicle and building electricians) are classified in unit group 8-55.


Electronics FittersWorkers in this unit group fit, adjust and repair electronic apparatus in factory, workshop or place of use. Their functions include: fitting, adjusting and repairing various kinds of electronic equipment; fitting, adjusting, installing and repairing radio and television transmitters and radar equipment; fitting, adjusting, and repairing electronic components of medical equipment, computers and related equipment, industrial equipment and signalling systems; performing related tasks. Radio and television mechanic is classified in 8-54.20.


Electrical and Electronic Equipment AssemblersWorkers in this unit group assemble finished parts to make electrical and electronic equipment. Their functions include: assembling finished parts of electrical machinery, domestic appliances, radio and television receivers and other electrical and electronic apparatus; winding electrical coils onto cores by machine and by hand; performing related tasks.


Radio and Television RepairmenWorkers in this unit group repair radio and television receivers in workshop or place of use. Their functions include: examining radio and television receiver, replacing defective parts and making adjustments and repairs; performing related tasks such as installing and repairing radio and television antennas.


Electrical WiremenWorkers in this unit group install, service and repair electrical equipment. Their functions include: installing, servicing and repairing electrical wiring systems and related equipment in houses, industrial and commercial establishments, other buildings, aircraft, motor vehicles and ships; repairing in workshop or place of use wiring faults and other minor defects in domestic appliances and other electrical apparatus; performing related tasks, such as installing illuminated signs and installing and servicing wiring systems in mines.


Telephone and Telegraph InstallersWorkers in this unit group install, service and repair telephone and telegraph equipment in central installation or place of use. Telephone and telegraph lineman is classified in 8-57.40.


Electric Linemen and Cable JointersWorkers in this unit group construct, install and repair electrical lines and joint cables. Their functions include: installing and repairing overhead electric power and electric traction lines; installing and repairing overhead and underground telephone and telegraph lines; making joints in surface and underground cables; maintaining underground electric power transmission lines; performing related tasks.


Electrical Fitters and Related Electrical and Electronics Workers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group are engaged in electrical and electronic fitting and related work not elsewhere classified, for example, those engaged in inspecting and testing fabricated electrical and electronic products.


Broadcasting Station OperatorsWorkers in this unit group operate and control equipment transmitting radio or television broadcasts and related equipment in radio or television studios and perform related tasks. Workers who maintain radio and broadcasting equipment are classified in unit group 8-52. Television camera operator is classified in 1-63.70.


Sound-Equipment Operators and Cinema ProjectionistsWorkers in this unit group set up and operate sound-recording and amplifying equipment and operate cinema projectors. Their functions include: operating electronic equipment to record sound on tape, wire, film or discs; installing and operating sound-amplifying equipment; operating a cinema projector; editing sound recordings on film and tape, producing sound effects for radio broadcasts, films or stage performances; performing related tasks.


Plumbers and Pipe FittersWorkers in this unit group assemble, fit, install and repair plumbing fixtures, pipes and pipeline systems. Their functions include: cutting, bending, jointing, assembling, installing and maintaining pipes, fittings and fixtures of drainage, heating, water supply and sanitary systems; assembling, installing and maintaining pipeline systems in buildings, industrial plants, ships and aircraft; performing related tasks. Lead burner and Brazer are classified in unit group 8-72.


Welders and Flame CuttersWorkers in this unit group join and cut metal parts using flame, electric-arc and other sources of heat to melt and cut or to melt and fuse metal. Their functions include: welding metal parts, using gas flame, electric arc, thermite compound and other methods; operating resistance welding machines; using blow torch to make and repair lead linings, pipes, floors and other lead fixtures; brazing metal parts together; cutting metal pieces by means of a gas flame and electric arc; joining metal parts by soldering; performing related tasks.


Sheet-Metal WorkersWorkers in this unit group make, install and repair articles or parts of articles of sheet metal such as sheet steel, galvanised iron, copper, tin, brass, aluminium and zinc. Their functions include: marking sheet metal for cutting and shaping; making and repairing articles in copper and light alloys, such as containers and ducts; making and repairing boilers, tanks, vats and other containers from sheet and plate steel; making and repairing household utensils and other articles in tinplate, or ornamental articles and fittings in sheet metal; assembling, installing and repairing sheet metal parts of vehicles and aircraft; performing other tasks in making and repairing sheet-metal articles. Metal spinner is classified in 8-39.40 and Metal-press operator in 8-39.60.


Structural Metal Preparers and ErectorsWorkers in this unit group shape, assemble and erect heavy metal girders and plates to form structures or frameworks. Their functions include: marking metal members to guide in cutting, drilling and shaping them for use in buildings, ships and other structures; drilling, cutting and shaping structural steel in a workshop; erecting steel members for buildings, bridges and other constructions; assembling and erecting framework and other metal parts of ships' structures; shaping and fitting structural steel plates of ships under construction or repair; riveting structural metal members by hand, machine or pneumatic hammer; performing related tasks. Blacksmiths, hammersmiths and forging-press operators are classified in unit group 8-31, Welders and flame-cutters in unit group 8-72 and Reinforcing-iron worker in 9-52.30.


Jewellery and Precious Metal WorkersWorkers in this unit group make and repair jewellery and precious metal ware, cut and set gems and engrave designs on jewellery and precious metal articles. Their functions include: making complete jewellery articles such as rings, brooches and bracelets; cutting and polishing gems and setting them in jewellery articles; making and repairing precious metal ware; rolling and beating precious metals; engraving letters and designs on jewellery and precious metal ware; perfuming related tasks.


Glass Formers, Cutters, Grinders and FinishersWorkers in this unit group blow, mould, press and roll shapes from molten glass and cut, grind and polish glass. Their functions include: shaping molten glass by means of a blowpipe, press-moulding or blow-machine moulding, hand moulding, heating and bending; operating machines to draw flat glass, draw glass tubes and rods and roll plate glass; operating a machine to level and polish plate glass; operating float-glass bath; heating, moulding and pressing optical glass to make lens blanks; grinding and bevelling edges of glass; cutting sheet glass with hand tool and sawing prisms and other shapes to form optical glass blocks; performing related tasks.


Potters and Related Clay and Abrasive FormersWorkers in this unit group make pottery, porcelain ware, bricks, tiles and abrasive wheels. Their functions include: making articles of pottery and porcelain completely; making clay or plaster-of -Paris models of pottery and porcelain ware for use in preparing moulds; making plaster-of Paris moulds; forming ware on potter's wheels with hands, or using interior or exterior moulding shapes and shaping tools; forming ware by casting semi-liquid clay in plaster-of -Paris moulds; forming bricks and tiles of special shapes by hand; making ware by pressing plastic clay into moulds by hand; operating screw-press or hydraulic press to make products from clay dust; operating a machine which extrudes moist clay for further processing; forming abrasive wheels by moulding or pressing abrasive mixture; performing related tasks.


Glass and Ceramics KilnmenWorkers in this unit group operate furnaces and kilns in the manufacture of glass and ceramics products. Their functions include: operating a glass-making furnace; operating a glass-annealing furnace to prevent or remove internal stresses; operating a tempering furnace to toughen glass; operating kiln to bake pottery and porcelain ware or to bake ware again to fix glazing and decoration; operating kiln to bake bricks and tiles; performing related tasks.


Glass Engravers and EtchersWorkers in this unit group engrave and etch designs on glass articles. Their functions include: engraving monograms and ornamental designs on glassware with grinding wheel; etching decorative designs, calibration markings and other figures on glass articles; cutting designs on glass articles with sand-blasting equipment; performing related tasks.


Glass and Ceramics Painters and DecoratorsWorkers in this unit group decorate glass and ceramic articles. Their functions include: painting designs with a brush on glass, pottery, porcelain ware and tiles; transferring designs onto pottery and porcelain ware by using stencils, transfers, rubber stamps and other means; spray-painting pottery, porcelain ware and tiles, and spraying liquid glaze on large pieces; covering biscuit ware with glaze solution by dipping; coating mirror glass with silvering solutions; performing related tasks.
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