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Bakers, Pastry Cooks and Confectionery MakersWorkers in this unit group make various kinds of bread, cake, other flour products and chocolate and sugar confectionery. Their functions include: making bread, cake, biscuits, pastries, pies, macaroni and other flour products; operating grinding, pressing, mixing and other machines in the manufacture of chocolate; making confectionery from mixtures of sugar, performing related tasks.


Tea, Coffee and Cocoa PreparersWorkers in this unit group taste and grade various kinds of coffee and tea to guide blending and prepare coffee beans, chicory and cocoa beans. Their functions include: tasting brewed samples of coffee or tea; operating machines to blend various grades of coffee or tea; roasting blended coffee beans, chicory roots or cocoa beans in heated revolving cylinders; performing related tasks.


Brewers, Wine and Beverage MakersWorkers in this unit group mix, press, malt and ferment grains and fruits to make malt liquors, wine, fruit juices and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Their functions include: germinating barley and other grains used in making distilled or malt liquors; drying germinated grain; cooking malt with water to prepare mash; controlling fermentation process in making distilled or malt liquors; producing yeast used in fermentation of mash; performing various tasks in wine making; tasting samples of wine or liquor; making vinegar from malt, alcohol or wine; operating presses to extract juices from fruit and making fruit juices and other non-alcoholic beverages; performing related tasks. Workers who distil alcohol to make alcoholic beverages such as whiskies are classified in unit group 7-44.


Food and Beverage Processors Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group perform tasks not classified elsewhere in the preparation and processing of food products for human and animal consumption. Their functions include; extracting oil from oil-bearing seeds, nuts and fruits; operating machines to refine crude soya bean, cotton seed, peanut and other edible oils; operating equipment to process oils and fats used in making margarine and equipment to make margarine; preparing fish and other sea or freshwater foods for sale or curing; performing related tasks.


Tobacco PreparersWorkers in this unit group prepare tobacco leaves for making various tobacco products. Their functions include: grading cured tobacco leaves by type, quality and locality where grown; mixing tobacco leaves according to formula to obtain a blend of distinctive flavour; tending vacuum container which moistens tobacco for further processing; removing mid-ribs and stalks from tobacco leaves by hand or machine; shredding tobacco leaves by machine; performing related tasks.


Cigar MakersWorkers in this unit group make cigars by hand or machine. Their functions include: making complete cigars by hand or machine; performing related tasks.


Cigarette MakersWorkers in this unit group make cigarettes by machine or hand. Their functions include: operating an automatic cigarette-making machine; making special types of cigarettes by hand; performing related tasks.


Tobacco Preparers and Tobacco Product Makers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group perform miscellaneous tobacco production tasks. Their functions include: pulverising and blending tobacco to make snuff tobacco; making rolls or plugs of chewing tobacco by hand or machine; preparing plugs of pipe tobacco; performing related tasks.


Tailors and DressmakersWorkers in this unit group make complete items of tailored clothing, dresses and other made-to-order garments (except fur garments), perform the more difficult tasks in the manufacture of ready-to-wear garments, and alter and repair garments. Their functions include: making overcoats, suits, skirts and similar tailored garments to clients' individual requirements; performing the more difficult hand-or machine-sewing tasks in the manufacture of ready-to-wear clothing; making complete dresses; making complete shirts, blouses, lingerie and corsetry; altering, renovating and repairing garments. Workers making fur garments are classified in unit group 7-92. Workers performing routine sewing operations, by hand or machine, in the manufacture of garments are classified in unit group 7-95.


Fur Tailors and Related WorkersWorkers in this unit group make, alter, repair and renovate garments and other articles of fur. Their functions include: making complete fur garments or performing the more difficult tasks in making, altering, renovating and repairing fur garments and other fur articles; preparing patterns and full-sized canvas models of garments and other articles; sorting, grading and matching furs prior to cutting and making them into garments or other articles; cutting fur according to pattern for making and repairing garments or other articles; stretching and trimming dressed furs to conform to pattern outline of garments or other articles; reclaiming furs or skins from old coats, gluing fabric to interior of fur coats and trimming blocked fur garments. Workers who sew fur articles are classified in unit group 7-95.


Milliners and Hat MakersWorkers in this unit group make and finish hats. Their functions include: making women's hats out of various materials such as felt, silk, velvet and straw; operating a machine that stretches felt cones to form hat shapes; finishing and decorating hat forms or making various kinds of headgear for special purposes. Formers of fur-felt or wool-felt hoods are classified in unit group 7-59.


Pattern Makers and CuttersWorker in this unit group make patterns and mark and cut materials in the manufacture of garments, gloves and miscellaneous products of textile and kindred materials and leather. Their functions include: drawing and cutting out patterns for making suits, dresses, shirts, blouses, hats and caps and other garments; marking outlines of patterns on cloth, light leathers or similar materials to guide cutting; cutting material (other than leather) according to pattern outline, usually several layers at a time, for making up into garments and gloves; cutting leather into parts for making leather garments and gloves; performing pattern making, marking and cutting tasks in the manufacture of other products such as soft furnishings, canvas goods and umbrellas.


Sewers and EmbroiderersWorkers in this unit group sew and embroider garments, gloves and miscellaneous products of fur, textile and kindred materials. Their functions include: performing various hand-and machine-sewing tasks in making, altering and repairing articles of textile and kindred materials, except those of leather or fur; sewing leather parts by hand in the manufacture and repair of garments or gloves; performing one or more sewing tasks in the making, alteration, renovation and repair of garments and other articles of fur; operating a standard or specialised, single-or multiple-needle sewing machine; embroidering decorative designs on garment parts and other materials by machine; performing other sewing and embroidering tasks.


Upholsterers and Related WorkersWorkers in this unit group upholster furniture, make mattresses, make and install interior decorations of textiles, leather and similar materials, and perform related tasks. Their functions include: installing, arranging and securing springs, padding and covering material to furniture frames; installing covering and cushioning for seats and other furnishings on vehicles, such as motor cars, railways coaches and aircraft; making mattresses by hand or machines; fitting and installing soft furnishings and interior decorations of textiles, leather and similar materials. Pattern makers and cutters are classified in unit group 7-94 and Sewers and embroiderers in 7-95.


Tailors, Dressmakers, Sewers, Upholsterers and Related Workers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedWorkers in this unit group perform various tasks in the manufacture and repair of garments, soft furnishing and related products, not performed by those classified elsewhere. Their functions include: making sails, tents, awnings and similar articles by hand or machine; assembling and covering umbrellas; performing other tasks related to the foregoing.


Electric Linemen and Cable JointersWorkers in this unit group construct, install and repair electrical lines and joint cables. Their functions include: installing and repairing overhead electric power and electric traction lines; installing and repairing overhead and underground telephone and telegraph lines; making joints in surface and underground cables; maintaining underground electric power transmission lines; performing related tasks.


Plumbers and Pipe FittersWorkers in this unit group assemble, fit, install and repair plumbing fixtures, pipes and pipeline systems. Their functions include: cutting, bending, jointing, assembling, installing and maintaining pipes, fittings and fixtures of drainage, heating, water supply and sanitary systems; assembling, installing and maintaining pipeline systems in buildings, industrial plants, ships and aircraft; performing related tasks. Lead burner and Brazer are classified in unit group 8-72.


Welders and Flame CuttersWorkers in this unit group join and cut metal parts using flame, electric-arc and other sources of heat to melt and cut or to melt and fuse metal. Their functions include: welding metal parts, using gas flame, electric arc, thermite compound and other methods; operating resistance welding machines; using blow torch to make and repair lead linings, pipes, floors and other lead fixtures; brazing metal parts together; cutting metal pieces by means of a gas flame and electric arc; joining metal parts by soldering; performing related tasks.


Sheet-Metal WorkersWorkers in this unit group make, install and repair articles or parts of articles of sheet metal such as sheet steel, galvanised iron, copper, tin, brass, aluminium and zinc. Their functions include: marking sheet metal for cutting and shaping; making and repairing articles in copper and light alloys, such as containers and ducts; making and repairing boilers, tanks, vats and other containers from sheet and plate steel; making and repairing household utensils and other articles in tinplate, or ornamental articles and fittings in sheet metal; assembling, installing and repairing sheet metal parts of vehicles and aircraft; performing other tasks in making and repairing sheet-metal articles. Metal spinner is classified in 8-39.40 and Metal-press operator in 8-39.60.


Structural Metal Preparers and ErectorsWorkers in this unit group shape, assemble and erect heavy metal girders and plates to form structures or frameworks. Their functions include: marking metal members to guide in cutting, drilling and shaping them for use in buildings, ships and other structures; drilling, cutting and shaping structural steel in a workshop; erecting steel members for buildings, bridges and other constructions; assembling and erecting framework and other metal parts of ships' structures; shaping and fitting structural steel plates of ships under construction or repair; riveting structural metal members by hand, machine or pneumatic hammer; performing related tasks. Blacksmiths, hammersmiths and forging-press operators are classified in unit group 8-31, Welders and flame-cutters in unit group 8-72 and Reinforcing-iron worker in 9-52.30.
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