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  1. A review of the HISCO-manual
    URL: http://www.eh.net/bookreviews/library/0534.shtml
    for EH.NET by Hamish James, Collections Manager, History Data Service, University of Essex, August 2002
    URL: http://www.nappdata.org/
    The North Atlantic Population Project (NAP) codes occupational data from the 1880/81 census in Canada, England, Iceland, Norway and the United States in a contextualized version of HISCO: NAPP-HISCO. NAPP-HISCO is in essence a three digit version of HISCO
  3. Ordering HISCO manuals
    URL: http://www.kuleuven.ac.be/upers/hisco.htm
    To order the HISCO-manual directly from Leuven University Press
  4. Principles to be used in creating new codes
    Two problems occur in nearly all historical data sets: occupational titles are either too laconic and therefore more than one code might be applicable, or they are too specific and contain information which is lost when coding. In this section we describe how we handled and incorporated unspecific titles.
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