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  1. History of Work in Minnesota
    URL: http://www.rb-29.net/graa/wowork/index.html
    This is a glimpse into how the people of Minnesota worked, made a living, and provided goods and services in the past; how they have adapted to technological and social changes in their work; and how they might work in the future
  2. Iconclass
    URL: http://www.iconclass.nl/
  3. John Johnson Collection
    URL: http://vads.ahds.ac.uk/vads_catalogue/JJTP.html
    The John Johnson Collection contains a large sequence of prints relating to trades, from Laroon's Cries of London. The John Johnson Collection is a collection of printed ephemera, formed by John de Monins Johnson (1882-1956). The Collection is retrospect
  4. Women at work in Hawaii
    URL: http://www.soc.hawaii.edu/hwhp/hawork/itm.open.html
    The exhibit "Into the Marketplace" was funded by an Exemplary Award from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and sponsored by the Hawai`i Committee for the Humanities.
  4 descriptions  

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