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  1. Historical Microdata Around the World
    URL: http://www.rhd.uit.no/nhdc/micro.html
    General overview
  2. Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS)
    URL: http://www.ipums.umn.edu/
    Both US and International historical and contemporary censuses, made available in a common grid. HISCO will be used to code occupations.

    List of international census agencies, at http://www.ipums.umn.edu/international/international_partners.shtml
  3. International Microdata Access Group (IMAG)
    URL: http://prdh3.demo.umontreal.ca/dillon/IMAG/
    The International Microdata Access Group (IMAG) was formed to foster the international collaboration of researchers who work with historical and contemporary microdata in order to facilitate transnational comparative research.
  4. North Atlantic Population Project (NAPP)
    URL: http://www.nappdata.org/
    A project to code in a comparable framework data from the 1880/81 census in Canada, England, Iceland, Norway and the United States. A contextualized version of HISCO, NAPP-HISCO, is used to code occupations. NAPP-HISCO is in essence a three digit version
  4 descriptions  

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