31 Principal.
BE:	Corporal sapeur pompier [5-81.10], Ingénieur principal [0-20.00]
CA:	Capitaine de police [5-82.20], Instructeur avicole[6-29.20] Surintendant forestier [6-32.30]
FR:	Carrier surveillant [7-11.10], Chef magasinier [3-91.40], Directrice de bain [5-70.70]
GE:	Brandmeister [5-81.10],  Bundesbahnobersekretär [3-93.10], Forstvorarbeiter [6-32.30], Oberpastor [1-41.20]
NL:	Chef-monteur [8-41.00, 8-43.00, 8-44.00, 8-49.00], Hoofdonderwijzer [1-33.20], Opperwachtmeester bij de politietroepen [5-82.25], Opzichter tekenaar [0-31.10], Touwbaas [7-57.10]
NO:	Grubestiger [7-11.05], Notbas [6-41.00], Politimester [5-82.20], Sveitser [6-24.10],  Telegraffuldmægtig [3-80.40]
SW:	Barnhemsförestådare [1-34.90], Flottningsförman [6-31.40], Hammarsmedsålderman [8-31.20], Hyttmästare [7-21.00, 8-93.20], Poliskommissarie [5-82.20]
UK:	Charwoman in charge of house [5-52.20],  First hand dressmaker [7-91.40], Head nurse [0-71.10], Matron to the lying in society [0-73.10], Upper housemaid [5-40.20]

About the status classification

In HISCO this classification incorporates several dimensions of status - economic, social, employment and educational - and provides categories for each. While it is possible for a particular title to contain more than one dimension of status, it is rare. In such cases, coders will have choose which to prioritise. In the examples of titles carrying status information which are given below, the HISCO occupational code is also shown in brackets after the title. If a title containing status information gives no occupational information, it is given the appropriate STATUS code along with the HISCO code -1 or -2.

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